Helping individuals overcome sexual dysfunction to embrace pleasure, confidence & connection.

About Me

Hypnotherapist in her office with a green plant behind her.

Hello, I am Monika, a Sex Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Since I can remember I have always been interested in how the mind works. My passion has always been devoted to helping others overcome their challenges. I continued my in depth learning in the field of Psychology, Mental Health and Human Sexuality. Working as an Addictions Counsellor, Mental Health and Brain Injury Worker, I gained valuable experience supporting clients as well as loved ones who battled mental health issues.

Throughout my life experiences and education I have learned powerful methods to get to the root of the issue and release it rapidly without years of therapy. Using a holistic approach, I’ve been effectively helping people remove limiting beliefs, behaviors and habits that had been inhibiting their freedom, empowerment and pleasure.

I would love to speak with you about how I can support you in rediscovering confidence, pleasure, connection and sexual freedom.

My home base is Vancouver Island although I offer my online services worldwide to those who are ready to reclaim their sexual power they deserve!

Can you relate?

Wanting sex to be done and over quickly

Overthinking and can’t get into the moment

Experiencing pain, no orgasms or other female sexual issues

Wanting to get out of a sex rut, or enhance your sex drive

Experiencing postpartum changes that affect your sex life

Having issues with ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

Experiencing other male sexual issues

Do you want to?

Boost sexual desire

Experience amazing orgasms

Experience more sexual pleasure

Gain effective communication skills

Eliminate fears, shame, guilt, trauma

Discover your sexuality and innate pleasure

You are the right fit if you:

Have a clear goal/outcome for your session

Are ready, motivated and committed to allow a sexually freeing transformation

Want to learn more about your sexuality and welcome the endless possibilities

Are willing and open to reach your best possible outcome through hypnotherapy

What to expect

Woman laying in bed with her bra on, looking unsatisfied.

Ejaculatory issues
Erectile Dysfunctions
Connection & Intimacy
Post birth issues
Sexual confidence
Sexual Identity
Lack of libido

womens legs

Stress & Anxiety
Self sabatoge
Limiting beliefs

man waterfall

Self acceptance
Satisfying relationships
Enhanced confidence
Increased pleasure & arousal
Vibrancy and vitality
Embrace sensuality
Better orgasms
Improved health & wellness
Feeling whole & empowered

Woman pointing to her head. quote stating sexual freedom begins in the mind.