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Redefine your sexual wellness and start owning your pleasure.


Sexual Wellness

A safe place to uncover subconscious issues that are causing intimacy, libido, and connection issues. Other topics include: Vaginismus, Anorgasmia, kink and more.

Flourished Fertility

Create a calm and peaceful place for you to be open to the opportunity of fertility. Boost fertility and increase chance of conception both naturally and through IVF.

Foundational Birthing

Connect with your baby on a deep and holistic level. Create a special mind, body and soul bond. Release all traumas, fears or blockages to welcome a blissful and peaceful birth.

Postpartum & Beyond

Reclaim your confidence, energy, and vitality after birth and onwards. Topics include (but not limited to): Anxiety, depression, trauma, body image issues, sexual and intimacy challenges.

Client Love

My two sessions with Monika were incredibly relaxing, she made me feel very comfortable. I conceived my first child with no issues.  My partner and I struggled to conceive a second child. After 3.5 years I was diagnosed with unexplained fertility and looked for alternative methods to help increase our chances. After numerous weeks of stress, anxiety and frustration I went to see Monika for hypnosis. Within 6 months I became pregnant that resulted in a miscarriage. We continued with our journey with hypnosis, healing, and wellness. I became pregnant 3 months later.

I am so grateful for her ongoing support and guidance.

I didn’t know what to expect from hypnosis. I felt pretty relaxed and didn’t feel anything extreme happen. The interesting part is that my changed happened over night and I didn’t even realize it. I went to Monika for a blockage I had about being motivated to work on my blog  after a full day of parenting and working. When Monika followed up a couple days after and asked me how it was going, I told her it’s good but I was working really late on my blog last night and didn’t get much sleep”. That’s when it clicked and we both laughed. Definitely did the trick!

Motivated Blog Writer


My insecurities, and past shame dissipated. I was there to face my desire with only me standing in the way. Hypnosis with Monika allowed me to untangle my past trauma and become who I want to be. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulder not having to people please. I own my own pleasure.

Thank you to Monika who helped me not only lose weight, but my sleep has become better, my healthy lifestyle just seems effortless, I have rid of toxic people and declutter my house. Now I have emotional, physical and spiritual space for all the things in my life that bring positivity.


Hello and welcome! My life has taken me on an incredible journey of learning about the human mind. The twists and turns are all a beautiful part our growth. Although at times we get stuck, feel trapped, and continue to make the same choices leading us to no where good. Our subconscious has the capabilities of unraveling the knots, remove limiting beliefs that feel stuck and help create access to make incredible shifts toward the future.   

Some of the specialities I work with are sexual wellness, fertility, birthing, postpartum, self-esteem, and anxiety.

When I’m not working, I am spending time with my two children and husband, hosting and bringing people together with food or learning about gardening and building our homestead on Vancouver Island

Monika Arychuk

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