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Redefine your sexual wellness.
Start owning your pleasure.

Are you ready to have more pleasure in your life?

  • Do you struggle with a low sex drive
  • Have issues orgasming
  • Want to overcome Vaginismus
  • Want to overcome sexual anxiety
  • Resolve past sexual history
  • Looking to increase intimacy within your relationship
  • Improve your sex life all around
  • Learn more about pleasure and your body
  • Feel confident and sexy
  • Build your eroticism

You have come to the right place to redefine your sexual wellness and start owning your pleasure!

Hello, I'm Monika

Offering Sexual Wellness Education Coaching and Hypnosis

My work revolves around helping individuals and couples remove shame, guilt, anxiety, and self consciousness surrounding sex and sexuality so they can choose to have a satisfying and pleasurable sex life.  Through up to date education, non judgmental conversations, hypnosis, and life transforming tips, my clients become empowered and in control of their sexual selves.

Outside of my practice I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and two young boys, and finding different creative outlets.

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Client Love

My insecurities, and past shame dissipated. I was there to face my desire with only me standing in the way. I untangled knots in my past and become who I want to be. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulder not having to people please. I own my own pleasure.
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Thank you to Monika who helped me not only lose weight, but my sleep has become better, my healthy lifestyle just seems effortless, I have rid of toxic people and declutter my house. Now I have emotional, physical and spiritual space for all the things in my life that bring positivity.

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