Overcome Sexual Dysfunction to embrace

pleasure, confidence and connection

About Me

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I am Monika Arychuk, a Sex Coach and Hypnotherapist.

My natural curiosity about the mind and body has led me to my in depth learning in the field of Psychology, Mental Health, Human Sexuality, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. I truly love helping people move from a place of fear, shame, guilt, embarrassment and anxiety to a place of control, freedom, wellness and pleasure.

As a certified practitioner of the Simpson Protocol and Sexual Freedom Hypnosis®, I offer a holistic service to help clients rediscover their unique potential to reach their goals more rapidly than conventional forms of therapy.

Areas of focus are: Anxiety, sexual wellness, self esteem and postpartum mental health issues.

All sessions are currently online. If you have any questions you would like help with- please contact me.


What to Expect

Sexual Wellness Hypnotherapy

Ejaculatory issues
Erectile Dysfunctions
Connection & Intimacy
Post birth issues
Sexual confidence
Sexual Identity
Lack of libido

Two pairs of legs touching on a bed. Over Come Sexual issues like vaginismus, birth trauma, anxiety, confidence issues and more.

Stress & Anxiety
Self sabotoge
Limiting beliefs

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Self acceptance
Satisfying relationships
Increased pleasure & arousal
Improved health & wellness
Feeling whole & empowered
Enhanced confidence
Vibrancy and vitality
Embrace sensuality
Better orgasms