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of your mind, body and soul with holistic wellness.

Do you struggle with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain
  • Low self esteem
  • Poor body image
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Lack of energy and poor sleep
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Sexual issues like low libido, vaginismus
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Join the community of individuals who have redefined their wellness.

Hello, I'm Monika

a Holistic Wellness Coach and Hypnotist

My work revolves around helping individuals deal with shame, guilt, anxiety, and self consciousness. Working through the deep rooted issues allows for healing and transformation. Feeling self love, self worth, self esteem and confidence starts in the mind. Once the old negative thought patterns are replaced, new habits are easy to make and create, new beliefs are so much easier to hold on to and create a new version of yourself. This self love then spills into all other areas of life, physical, relational, sexual, spiritual. The avenues of growth are limitless. 

I have taken my own advice and stepped out of my comfort zone when it was hard, when I had doubts, when I felt a lot of challenging moments. Stepping into fear is where the most growth and confidence happens. 

You aren’t alone. Join the rest of the women who have said “F**k this, I want more in life”, and become the best version of yourself, radiating wellness from inside out!

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Client Love

My insecurities, and past shame dissipated. I was there to face my desire with only me standing in the way. I untangled knots in my past and become who I want to be. I feel a weight lifted off my shoulder not having to people please. I own my own pleasure.
Thank you to Monika who helped me not only lose weight, but my sleep has become better, my healthy lifestyle just seems effortless, I have rid of toxic people and declutter my house. Now I have emotional, physical and spiritual space for all the things in my life that bring positivity. -BT

My partner and I are so happy with Monika’s help. We did the coaching and nutrition program together and we have never felt better. After our inner work, the nutritional portion of the program was much more easier than I thought. We have seen improvements in our energy, eating habits, we don’t crave the junk any more and it also positively impacted out relationship with each other.
-Sarah & Tom

I made the switch to safer products and my only wish is to have done it sooner. Shaklee has everything for me and my family. We love shakes and I personally love the Youth line. The products use only what is necessary and their values align with ours as it is eco friendly, non toxic and all of it is tremendously effective. No BS products! -MH

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